Who Made Your Pants?

Becky is our founder, managing director, chief cook and bottle washer and Becky of all trades. Doing a lot of everything in our office, she is still a bit surprised to find she's been able to combine her twin passions for human rights activism and gorgeous pants. She loves her two cats, cycling, climbing trees, trampolines and building sandcastles, as well as politics, current affairs and the occasional gin. A sales person since she startd selling sweets in Bridgend rugby supporters club at age 8, she's delighted to be able to harness her powers for good, with us. She tweets @beckypants

Every time you buy a pair of our pants you're keeping another woman in a job. Shop here to support our work


Who Made Your Pants?
Fairways House
Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate
Mount Pleasant Road
SO14 0QB
T 023 8022 5536

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