We know that most people do not have a formal teaching about finance. This means that it can often be a bit of a gamble and guess work when it comes to knowing what to do. We hope to address this with this website by providing useful information. We hope that by getting a better understanding about money and finance, it will help people to make better decision with regards to spending, saving and borrowing. There are, of course, lots of places to learn this but we realise that they can be difficult to understand sometimes as the language is not always clear. They can also long and boring. We have tried rectify this by putting together short articles which we hope are easy to understand and have relevant content to help lots of people. Hopefully when reading them, it will help people to start to understand the importance of money and how making the right decision can have a big influence. Then hopefully people will start to think about things more when they are spending money and it will help them to make their money go further. Having a better understanding of products, what to look out for when taking them out and things like this will hopefully improve their situation too.